Passionfruit by Rufus

In Class today we learned about Passionfruit. Inside they look really weird we thought.

Here is what Rufus drew using Explain Everything to show what the inside of the Passionfruit looked like.

Check out more of his drawings here

Reading practice using Explain Everything

Today in our Cybersmart lesson with Mr Goodwin we learned to practice our reading using Explain Everything.

The first step is to take photos of the book you are reading.

Next you have to record yourself reading each page.

Then you have to listen to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes, if you do it’s ok though, you can just record again!


Drawing Rockets

Today we practiced sharing images onto our very own blogs. While our teacher and Mr Goodwin helped us log-in to our blogs on our iPads we used Explain Everything to draw rockets and space.

Check out some of our drawings here, but have a look at our blogs to see more!